Cold chain delivery is the process of transporting temperature sensitive products (such as food, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals) under controlled temperatures. The cold chain is a system of handling, storing, and transporting these products in a way that maintains their quality and safety. Products that require a cold chain are those that are perishable or have a limited shelf life and must be kept at a certain temperature to prevent spoilage or deterioration.

Our cold chain logistics service Malaysia is to cater to the demand of the market on temperature-sensitive goods and products along the supply chain.

Our team has expertise in cold chain transportation, managing goods that need to be temperature-controlled, including chilled and frozen commodities. With the below capabilities and facilities, we ensure a reliable transfer of the goods to their respective destinations.

  • Dual-compartment fleet with tail lift built-in for reefer truck size 5T and 10T. Our 40FT reefer comes with sea reefer container.
  • Real-time temperature tracking and monitoring.

As a halal-certified and ISO-certified logistic company Malaysia, we ensure the compliance of safety & hygiene which are vital in the entire supply chain for most temperature-controlled goods.