Quanterm has been in the business for more than 30 years. Owning a business has changed many of us, as we have needed to evolve our thinking and change our habits to be where we are today. Our faith is our strength, our values are our future.

Our corporate philosophy from day one was summed up by two key words “Enterprise”, a willingness to innovate and adopt a proactive approach in meeting present and future challenges, and “Integrity”, the insistence that our clients and staffs are treated fairly and honestly, believing that trust can be earned only through an uncompromising commitment in our business activities.

We will continue to refresh that pioneering spirit and stay true to our core values which have served us well all these years.

Today we have 14 offices in 7 countries - Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar and Australia.  We will continue to get experience, get exposure and grow for the opportunities that are coming. We will continue to pioneer new offices, step up in technology, invest in facilities and warehouses, and expand the fleet of our trucks.

The best is yet to come.

Michael Soh
Group Chairman