Quanterm celebrated its 25 years in business in June 2017. All of us are survivors or we would not be here. Some of us survived with everything working for us.  Love, Family, relationship, health, wealth, friendship, purpose.

Work is a gift from God. Owning a business has changed many of us, as we have to evolve in our thinking and the ability to change habits to be where we are today.  The test is on the inside, having done all and still stand. Our faith is our strength, our values are our future.

The reason it is working is while we are waiting we are constantly attending classes to upgrade ourselves. We do push up at gyms, some are running marathons renewing their strength.  We are optimistic about the future, as we have created a runway for this generation to take off.

What I sense in my spirit is we are entering into a due season. A season where dreams we have been praying about, promises we have stand on, problems that we are hoping to turn around. If they happened 10 years ago we could not handle it. We were not matured enough. We went through everything we been through to be tough enough, strong enough, tenacious enough and now we are ready.

Our corporate philosophy from day 1, it was summed up by two key words “ enteprise” to willingly innovate and adopt a proactive approach in meeting present and future challenges; “Integrity” to strive to ensure that our clients and staffs are treated fairly and honestly, believing that trust can be earned only through an uncompromising commitment in our business activities

We will continue to have that pioneering spirit and real to our core values which has served us well all these years.

Today we have 11 offices in 5 countries, in Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam and Australia.  By God’s grace, we will continue to get experience, get exposure, continue to grow , to make rooms for people who are coming, for the talents that are coming, for the opportunities that are coming. We will continue to pioneer new offices and to step up in technology, investing in facilities, warehouses, and expanding the fleet of trucks.

The best is yet to come.

Michael Soh
Group Chairman