Sea Shipping Solution. Efficiency is the Key.

Our company is the master consolidator with 30 years of experience in shipping service. Our selected worldwide agents are reliable market leaders. We operate a warehouse in the Free Commercial Zone at North Port Klang and Penang Port to support the export and import activities. We provide the shipping solution according to your business demand.

  • Weekly Less Container Load (LCL) to and from International major ports in Asia, the Gulf Region, Oceania, UK, Europe, Mediterranean, United States of America, Canada, South Pacific Region and more
  • Weekly Less Container Load (LCL) to and from East Malaysia
  • Full Container Load (FCL) to and from East Malaysia & International routes

Our LCL Shipping Service & The Benefits

When you have a shipment that does not enough fill an entire container, LCL (less-than-container Load) shipping service may be your best option.

  • A more versatile and cost-efficient option for transportation of small volume of goods.
  • Economical freight and reduction of inventory cost
  • Simple & customized pricing to cater your business
  • Support from our dedicated Sales & Customer Service team with any shipping information

Our sea freight services include:

  • Domestic & International Freight Services
  • Door-to-door deliveries International Import & Export /East Malaysia
  • Transhipment service
  • Transloading service
  • Custom clearance & brokerage
  • Buyer consolidation
  • Hazardous Cargoes Consultant

Services Include:


International Freight Services
Custom Clearance & Brokerage
Door-to-door deliveries import & export for International & Domestic
Transhipment Services
Transloading Services
Buyer Consolidation
Hazardous Cargoes Consultant