Competing in today’s highly competitive world of freight and logistics, Quanterm realizes the high importance and needs of Information Technology. Over the years, Quanterm has been upgrading systems to improve services rendered and to provide information to their customers in a more efficient and quick manner.

QUANTERM’s MIS team comprises of well trained and experienced personnel’s, which offers various kinds of services to staff and customers of Quanterm. With constant research and development performed by the MIS team, Quanterm strives to enable information sharing between customers and Quanterm, accurately and quicker. Quanterm Distribution Centre is installed with two of the most advanced systems to provide a total logistics solutions to customers. The 100,000 sqft warehouse is controlled and managed by the T3 Warehouse Management System providing excellent inventory management with various functionalities such as wave order picking, replenishment, shipment order management and efficient allocation and much more.

The freight forwarding business is managed by Sysfreight application. The application manages the entire operation for both air and sea freight. The system provides a total solution in global freight with modules such as sales automation, managed bookings, local cartage, transport and shipping management, customs interface and more. This enables instant communication between customers, partners, local and overseas agents.