Quanterm Cold Chain Logistics: Arrival of New Reefer Trucks

March 2022: Quanterm Logistics Sdn Bhd recently took delivery of new Hino 300 Series range of light-duty and 500 Series range of medium-duty reefer trucks to our warehouse at Seksyen 33, Shah Alam.

Quanterm has taken one step further invested in these reefer trucks to deliver the best support to our customers to cater to the market demand in cold chain logistics. We have been creating services tailored to the needs of customers, which allow us to deliver products requiring controlled temperatures to various destinations throughout Peninsular Malaysia.

We specialize in temperature-controlled distributions, which require a committed, versatile, and efficient Fleet Management team. We focus on the maintenance of vehicles, training of our drivers, comprehensive fleet planning, and delivery monitoring with real-time GPS and temperature tracking systems.

Our reefer trucks range from 5T, 10T, and 40FT equipped with a dual-compartment and a built-in tail lift. There will be more trucks arriving in March 2022.

Quanterm Logistics Sdn Bhd is certified by JAKIM for complying with the Halal Supply Chain Management System in Transportation & Warehousing from Malaysian Standard (MS 2400:2019). We are also certified in GDPMD and ISO 9001:2015.

For further details regarding our services, please email us at [email protected].

Monday, May 9, 2022