Custom Clearance

Your Efficient Custom Clearance Agent in Malaysia 

At Quanterm Logistics, we have over 30 years of experience in providing reliable services, including the custom clearance services. With our dedicated team who work closely with the seaport and airport customs, we provide our clients with consultation before the shipping and throughout the entire custom clearance process in Malaysia, ensuring that the goods are processed through customs quickly and efficiently.

We work with a network of trusted agents worldwide who are market leaders in their respective regions, ensuring that your goods are in good hands no matter where they go. With the warehouses in the Free Commercial Zone at North Port Klang and Penang Port, it further supports the import and export activities.

Whether you are engaging our air freight or sea freight in Malaysia, we are here to handle the custom procedure and provide a seamless experience for you. Trust us to be your go-to logistics company in Malaysia, and let us manage all your international shipping needs in and out from Malaysia.